Create high-end quality and build smart hosiery machines

The company independently develops a fully automatic intelligent weaving, sewing and turning integrated hosiery machine:



1. Fully computer control, realize the one-time completion of socks knitting, seaming and turning over, greatly improving production efficiency, saving labor and reducing costs.

2. It adopts independent stitching head device, which can be knitted according to different needs.

3. The computer control system has stable performance, simple and convenient touch screen operation, and low maintenance cost.

4. Both flat and terry functions can be quickly installed and switched.

5. The needle-moving part is made of high-quality steel and made by a special process with excellent stability and wear resistance.

6. The density adjustment device is controlled by a high-precision stepping motor to ensure the quality of knitting and realize that each part can be adjusted at will.

7. High-sensitivity sensor and automatic alarm system can effectively prevent the loss of knitting needles.

8. The operating system is the most advanced in the country, and the pattern, chain, and density are all done on the computer at one go.

9. With the largest pattern storage capacity, it can store more than 1000 patterns, which can be exchanged at will during normal production. The pattern can be saved in case of power failure or other reasons.

10. The operation of hosiery is the same as that of ordinary 6F machine, which is convenient for operators to get started.


The company has also successfully developed a yttrium-peng all-in-one machine, which realizes arbitrary switching between flat and invisible boat sock heels, and solves a series of problems, such as 200-needle heel breakage, holes, and reverse yarn. The ultra-fast heel function is realized, and the output has risen linearly. Using the latest generation of electronic control system, all functions are only you can't think of, and there are also models such as napping and 4-inch all-in-ones.


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