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Maintenance and repair of hosiery machine

At the beginning, it all started with a car operator, familiar with the operation of the machine. Hosiery machines are divided into two categories: single-needle and double-needle. Generally, single-needle machines are now fully computer-controlled and available in various countries. Therefore, you must be familiar with the function and method of each button, and learn how to draw flower shapes. Double needles are mainly semi-computerized, mainly changing needles. Other relatively simple knitting methods are different. Knitted fabrics can be divided into: weft knitting, warp knitting, and warp and weft knitting.

How much profit can a hosiery machine make in one year

A person’s body changing faster means socks. Some people don’t even have socks after washing. Wearing a pair and throwing a pair, you can see its wear rate and demand. Nowadays, manual service seaming machines have long been eliminated. Only professional hosiery machines are used for production. Such equipment can produce hundreds of pairs of socks a day. Many investors are optimistic about this new project. So how much profit can a hosiery machine make in a year!

Overcome the smart manufacturing problem of the hosiery industry Zhuji makes traditional hosiery machines "smart"

Zhejiang Online News, May 13 (Zhuji Daily reporter Zhou Yuwen, Zhejiang Online reporter Huang Huixian correspondent Ma Gaofeng) These days, in the experimental workshop on the first floor of the Datang Hosiery Innovation Service Complex in Zhuji City, 7 professors and 12 professors from Xi’an Polytechnic University A group of graduate students and several local experts on hosiery machines gathered together to debug the parameters of the newly developed flexible and intelligent hosiery machine production system again and again. After months of hard work, the production system technical solution developed by them is moving from theory to practice.

Record of a visit to the "Sock Kingdom"

Datang in Zhuji, Zhejiang, with a population of just over 100,000, has tens of thousands of hosiery companies. Approximately 25 billion pairs of socks are sent from Datang to home and abroad every year, accounting for 70% of China's output and more than 30% of the world. But the people there said, "If you hate someone, send someone there to make socks."

Who invented the computer hosiery machine

In 1589, the British baiW. Li invented the first knitting du machine, which used crochet knitting to produce shaped socks. In 1849, the single-cylinder circular hosiery machine appeared because the latch needle was first used in small-caliber circular knitting machines. *The tailor-made socks were first produced, and it was not until 1857 that socks with bag-shaped heels and toes were knitted. In 1864, British W. Cotton invented the Cotton Hosiery Machine (crochet flat knitting machine). In 1900, the double-cylinder circular hosiery machine appeared as the double-headed latch needle began to be used on small-caliber circular knitting machines to knit ribbed socks. The sock opening can be knitted by a special sock machine or transferred to the sock machine manually after being completed by other machines. Socks, high heels, sock heels, sock feet (including soles and sock tops), reinforcement loops and toe sections are knitted by sock machines.

Socks consumption upgrade: accessories for personal clothing or professional socks brands?

In 2015, the per capita consumption of socks in Japan reached US$37.3/person, the per capita consumption in European and American countries was US$20/person, while that in China was US$15.1/person. If one pair of socks is calculated at 5 yuan, the Chinese only replace 6 pairs of socks every year than in Europe and America.

Manufacturers do these tasks to ensure the quality of cotton socks machine

If the quality of cotton sock machine equipment is to be guaranteed, first of all, manufacturers need to do a good job in selecting raw materials for production. The higher the quality of the raw materials used by the manufacturer, the better the performance, and the greater the probability that the manufacturer will produce mechanical equipment with higher performance and quality. Therefore, manufacturers must do a good job in the selection of production raw materials.

How to choose a computerized hosiery machine

Surely everyone should know something, right? This is a kind of knitting machine, which is mainly aimed at socks. It is a machine used to knit socks. Socks on people's feet are all processed by this machine. With the appearance of hosiery machines, people's winter is no longer cold, and people don't have to worry about cracked feet. However, the hosiery machines sold on the market are good or bad. How should consumers choose when choosing hosiery machines?

How to extend the service life of hosiery machines

How long a hosiery machine can be used is not determined by its own specific service life, but also affected by various objective factors in the application. If you can do the following when applying the device, you can effectively extend the service life of the device and enable the device to achieve long-term applications:

What are the factors related to the efficiency of the computerized hosiery machine to produce socks

With the development of the times, more and more machinery and equipment have begun to adopt computer-controlled systems, and there is no need to have professional staff to operate and manage the equipment as before. Fully computerized hosiery machine is the mechanical equipment for producing socks that appeared in such an environment. This mechanical equipment has been recognized and concerned by many factories after its appearance. The following article briefly introduces what factors are related to the efficiency of the production of socks by the computerized hosiery machine.
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